The JasperReports Server 8.1 service does not start
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The JasperReports Server 8.1 service does not start


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CA Identity Suite CA Identity Manager


After installing the JasperReports Server 8.1 the service does not start, but running the <Tomcat-Home>\bin\startup.bat the service starts without errors


Identity Manager 14.x


The problem is the heap size configuration, looking at the jasperserver and tomcat log files we have the same error message:

"CacheManager configuration: You've assigned more memory to the on-heap than the VM can sustain, please adjust your -Xmx setting accordingly"



1. Locate and copy the location of tomcat8w.exe (if using Tomcat9, this will be named tomcat9w)

- Open and navigate through directory windows as shown in the screenshot below.

- Right-click the directory path bar and click Copy address as text.

- The clipboard should contain a string such as C:\Program Files\CA\SC\CA Business Intelligence\apache-tomcat\bin


2. Open a command line window with Administrator privileges

From the Start menu, enter "command" in the Search programs and files box.

From the list of files, right-click "Command Prompt" and choose Run as administrator.


- In the command box, type "cd" (to change directories) then right-click to paste the path to the Tomcat bin directory. Press return. 



3. Run the tomcat8w application

- You will need the "CA Business Intelligence Tomcat" Service Name

- Run services.msc and right-click on the "CA Business Intelligence Tomcat" service and click Properties and copy the Service Name

- In this case, the Service Name is "cabusinessintelligencetomcat"

Now in the Tomcat bin directory, type "tomcat8w //ES//jasperreportsTomcat" and press return.

Click the Java tab. Edit the values in the Java Options box. The following settings allocate 1 GB of memory to the start Java heap, 2 GB for the maximum heap size

- Stop/Start "CA Business Intelligence Tomcat" service