Broadcom End-of-Life Announcement of Symantec VIP Trusted Device plugin
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Broadcom End-of-Life Announcement of Symantec VIP Trusted Device plugin


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Symantec VIP Trusted Device end-of-support\end-of-life announcement


VIP Manager


Symantec will end-of-life VIP Trusted Device on April 20, 2023. It will no longer be available under Remembered Devices Policy in VIP Manager and no further updates will be made to the plugin. 

After April 20, 2023, Trusted Device will continue to function with VIP accounts currently using this feature. However, if the policy is turned off within VIP Manager, the option to enable the Trusted Device option again will no longer be available. VIP administrators should consider transitioning to another Remembered Device option. 

NOTE: Device Fingerprint and Intelligent Authentication are not affected by this change. 

Additional Information

How to determine if Trusted Device token IDs are authenticating users:

  • Log into your VIP Manage portal.
  • Click the Policies tab, then locate the Remembered Devices Policy section. 
  • If Enable Trusted Device is set to No, users will not be affected by this change and no further action is required.
  • If Enabled Trusted Device is set to Yes, click the Reports tab > End User Reports. Select Transaction Reports, select a date range (for example, 'Last 7 Days'), select Authenticate User from the Operation drop-down, then click Generate Report
  • Click Export to CSV after the report is generated, then open the file in Excel or Google Sheets.
  • Any authentication using a credential ID starting with SYTD, SYTU, or SYSC is a Trusted Device login. (For example, SYTD12345678).