Transaction role vs Primary role
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Transaction role vs Primary role


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When checking transaction information I see that some records have a different role than the resource's primary role.

How is this possible?


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There are a few ways where the transactions can get a different role than the user's primary role.

  1.   If manual transactions are done (not through timesheets) the role can be added or changed when the transaction is being created and it can be any role available. WIP Adjustments can also change the role.

  2.   A resource does not necessarily use their primary role on a project or even assignment.    When the resource gets added to the team the team will show their primary role, but that can be changed. 
     There are times when a resource performs a different role than their primary role and that is why this is available.  In addition to the team, it is possible to change their role on the assignment as well. 

          - Then when a timesheet is created the timesheet will use the role either on the assignment if there is one, or the team.

    3.   Because the role is available on the timesheet, it can also be changed on the timesheet.


Recommended things to check:

If these entries were done through timesheets, check the role on the timesheet itself.  You may also want to check the project for the team role and the assignment level role as the timesheet and any transactions will populate from the team/assignment.