Profile sync taking a long time between hubs
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Profile sync taking a long time between hubs


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I have created several profiles in Infrastructure Manager, but they are not reflected on the other hubs.   It seems to be taking a long time to synchronize the profiles between hubs after creating them at the primary hub level.


Release : 20.4


Because of a type of race condition between two threads, one checking for new security.cfg/profile updates and one doing the synchronization, when multiple profiles need to be synchronized across hubs, it can take up to 200 minutes per profile for the synchronization to complete under normal circumstances.   This can actually be mitigated by adding to the <hub> section of hub.cfg:

hublist_check_delay = 30

This causes the synchronization thread to run every 30 seconds when normally it is every 10 minutes which should result in profiles being synced in no more than 10 minutes per profile.

This  does cause hublists to be traded much more frequently and will likely cause an increase in bandwidth usage on the network, so it should be carefully considered whether this is necessary.  The profiles will eventually synchronize given enough time.