Rate matrix table in the Data Warehouse
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Rate matrix table in the Data Warehouse


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Unable to find the rate matrix table in the Data Warehouse, as the source of the rate matrix to exploit the data in the Data Warehouse was not found.


The Matrix data is not included in the Data Warehouse, and subsequently not accessible via OData. The data in the Data Warehouse is a subset of tables from the Clarity database (niku). The PPM_matrix_values table has the rates but there are a lot of variables on this and we just can't query that table, need to join the columns in the matrix and then you have to join that back to the fields for whatever columns it is using.  Since the Matrix data does not come over to the Data Warehouse database the only way to accomplish is via Advanced Reporting custom domain on the niku database. After creating domain we select the relevant data and join the tables and then create an Ad Hoc view from the custom domain.


  1. Create Custom Domain on Niku database
  2. Join the tables:
  3. Create Ad Hoc view of the custom domain/tables
  4. Add desired columns to the table view
  5. Apply relative filter (Month-3)