Sover command no longer return the correct version
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Sover command no longer return the correct version


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


The sover command no longer returns the correct version. For example, in Applications Manager version 9.4.4, the sover command returns version 9.4.0:

[ams@universal ~]$ sover
rmiserver \c
Applications Manager Release: null
sover# $  $
awexe version v9.4.0_29317_29526
Build Rev: 29526
Built on Linux Mon Oct 25 09:13:10 PDT 2021


Release : 9.4.3


The sover command will be fixed in Applications Manager version 9.5.0.

Additionally a new command, awver command, will be added to get the build info and timestamp of the build.

The planned release date for version 9.5.0 is end of June/beginning of July 2023 but the planned release date may be delayed.