Rehosting DevTest Databases to SQL Server 2022
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Rehosting DevTest Databases to SQL Server 2022


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We would like to upgrade our SQL Server Database host to  a new Windows Server 2022, running SQL Server 2022 

1. What are the steps to do this?

2. Do we need to upgrade the driver as well or what driver do we need?

3. Are there any configurations that we need to change?

4. Can the backup be restored directly to the new DB or there steps that need to be done first?


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The basic steps are as follows (as long as the accounts and passwords used to access the DBs don't change):

  1. Work with your Network Security team to ensure the communication ports are open between the DevTest servers, and the new SQL Server host(s).

  2. Stop the DevTest Services

  3. Have the DBA back up the databases on the old host

  4. Restore the Database on the SQL Server 2022. Assuming there's nothing needed on the SQL Server side, but your DBA should know what is required.

  5. If the hostname changes, the properties file will need to be updated to point to the new host.

    • Identity Access Manager: C:\Program Files\CA\DevTest\IdentityAccessManager\
    • Enterprise Dashboard: C:\Program Files\CA\DevTest\
    • Registry: C:\Program Files\CA\DevTest\

      Note: If the account name, or password has changed for the account used by DevTest to access the databases, then you will also need to update the account information in the properties files as well.

  6. Restart the DevTest Services

If you are using DevTest 10.7.2, or greater, you don't need to upgrade the driver for DevTest.

Note: The Broacom Client Services team pointed out that they have heard of reports of noticeable performance degradation for SQL Server 2019+. ( Therefore, you may want to consult with your SQL Server DBA before moving to SQL Server 2019 or SQL Server 2022.

Note: Service Virtualization release 10.7.2, has not certified SQL Server 2022. The Client Service's team has some labs that are using SQL Server 2022, and they said they have not had any issues yet. However, officially it's not been certified.

Additional Information

The official database requirements can be found at