Automic General Securiy Whitepaper SOC2, SOC3 ,SDLC.
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Automic General Securiy Whitepaper SOC2, SOC3 ,SDLC.


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Request to provide some security evidence related to the Automic Workload Automation mentioned below.

  • Is there any document showing automic security compliance SOC2, SOC3 certificate compatibility!
  • Is the SDLC process running during the development of the automic product, can you share a related document!
  • Additionally, can you share a general automation security white paper?


Release : One Automation 21.0.X


SOC 2: These certifications don't apply to the Automic product level, unless you are a SaaS. At a vendor level, Broadcom is ISO27001 certified which is essentially the same as SOC 2, with the only difference being who performs the audit. Broadcom's latest ISO27001 certificate is attached to this KB.
We do not have a Common Criteria Certificate available for Automic Automation.


1681115723370__2023 Customer Support ISO 27001 ISMS Certificate of Registration.pdf get_app