View - "/* MARK" entry in ERO table
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View - "/* MARK" entry in ERO table


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We are using the MARK parameter in our ERO table:

/A*                  ALL DRETPD=1    RETPD=182             
/O*                  ALL DRETPD=1    RETPD=182             
/Z*                  ALL DRETPD=1    RETPD=182                          
/3*                  ALL DRETPD=1    RETPD=182             
/*                  MARK DRETPD=2    RETPD=2562            
******************************** Bottom of Data ***********

We keep some selective sysouts for more than 7 years, which we expect to override the SARINIT NGEND/NGENT parameters, using the online "K" command or SARBCH "/PERM ID=".

Why are we not able to KEEP sysouts via use of MARK? 


Release : 14.0


The ERO table functions in a top-down manner, and the retention to be applied and how will follow what is in a matching table entry. 

The customer's ERO table provided, had entries /A* through /O*, /Q* through /Z*, /0* through /9*, and finally the "catch-all" entry of /* MARK . 

The table was coded to treat reports prefixed with P differently than the others.

For those reports prefixed with P, those reports that have been "marked" (use of online command "K", or use of SARBCH /PERM) will be given the longer retention. 

Reports prefixed with P, that were not marked, will use NGEND/NGENT for the retention. 

The customer had changed their ERO tables over time, which caused the difference, but View worked the same as always.