Clarity Rally New Integration Set up documentation
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Clarity Rally New Integration Set up documentation


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Tech Docs contains information for the Clarity Rally Integration, both the legacy and new.

Do I need to install the Agile plugin (legacy) to use the New Clarity Rally Integration?


Release : Clarity 15.9.2+


Here is the Clarity Connections documentation for Clarity
Clarity 16.1.3 - Clarity Connections - Rally Integrations

Run the Import Integration Mapping Job in Classic PPM again after creating Custom Investment and anytime you add custom attributes for mapping.

Define Object Mappings in Clarity

With each Clarity version Product Management will provide enhancements to improve integration, ideally running the latest Clarity version is best.

All the enhancements can be found in the Change Impact and Upgrade section of Tech Docs, every time Product goes GA.

For example,
16.0.3 - Change Impact and Upgrade
16.1.0 - Change Impact and Upgrade
16.1.1 - Change Impact and Upgrade
16.1.2 - Change Impact and Upgrade
16.1.3 - Change Impact and Upgrade

The links below covers all new Integration features since first released in Clarity 15.9.2:

Clarity 15.9.2 - LINK (first release)
Clarity 15.9.3 - LINK
Clarity 16.0.0 - LINK
Clarity 16.0.1 - LINK
Clarity 16.0.2 - LINK
Clarity 16.0.3 - LINK
Clarity 16.1.0 - LINK
Clarity 16.1.1 - LINK
Clarity 16.1.2 - LINK


Here is a high level overview of the Clarity Connections integration.

Create Workspace in Rally 
Get the Rally object ID via:
Create Rally API (user with workspace admin)

Create Clarity Connections - Rally Integrations

Important Clarity Rights
Integration Mapping - Navigate
Custom Investment Object rights
Review the Staging Table in Clarity

Important Clarity Jobs
- Integration Mapping
- Synchronize Mapping Information

Additional Information

Note: It is not necessary to install the Agile plugin to leverage the New Clarity Rally Integration introduced in Clarity 15.9.2.

Legacy Integration information:
- Configure the Integration

Agile Plugin:
- Clarity > Add-Ins and Integrations > Install Add-in
Add-in: Rally Integration
Installation ID: agl
Command: admin content agl