Residual Alarm Exists notifications appear.
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Residual Alarm Exists notifications appear.


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


Residual Alarm Exists notifications appear.  How should we handle these?  


Dx NetOps Spectrum any version


Normal behavior


When the SpectroSERVER stops and restarts, alarms that were already present continue to exist. These alarms are "persistent" alarms. The persistent alarm feature lets DX NetOps Spectrum retain alarm-related information such as troubleshooter assignments and status when the SpectroSERVER shuts down.  In some cases, the underlying cause of an alarm is resolved between the time that the SpectroSERVER shuts down and restarts. The alarm still appears in the Alarms list in OneClick but is considered to be stale. You can clear all stale alarms (which are also known as "residual alarms") manually.  However, stale alarm information is not forwarded to AlarmNotifier by the SpectroSERVER. Instead, a single new alarm that indicates that stale or residual alarms exist on the landscape is generated and sent to AlarmNotifier. When you manually clear a stale alarm, that alarm is also cleared in AlarmNotifier. When the final stale alarm is cleared, a "clear" is issued for the stale alarm notification.

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