JCP / REST processes start then stop
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JCP / REST processes start then stop


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic One Automation CA Automic Operations Manager


New installation of Automic v21, all processes startup, and a Windows agent successfully connects.

Attempting to connect to AWI returns an error:

Connection to the AE system not possible.
No connection to the following CP's could be established.


The service manager dialog shows the JCP and REST processes start, but then stop.



Release : 21.0.5


The issue was that the version of Keystore Explorer that was used to create the Keystore was the one that installs it's own JRE.

The version of Java that comes with this version of Keystore Explorer is Java version 17, which is not compatible with Automic or the Java used for Automic.



When downloading Keystore Explorer for Windows, you must select the one with 'NO-JRE' in the name.