Incorrectly defined OID attributes in F5 Big IP Trunk Stats VC
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Incorrectly defined OID attributes in F5 Big IP Trunk Stats VC


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DX NetOps CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


We are trying to look at interface bits in/out on F5 trunk interfaces and are seeing numbers that don't make sense.  Looking at the vendor cert ( the two attributes sysTrunkStatBytesOut and sysTrunkStatBytesIn have NeedsDelta set to false.  Since these are counters, they need to account for the delta - we see bits in/out values that are way higher than the bandwidth because of this.  The OIDs are and

The Vendor Certification named "F5 Big IP Trunk Stats", using internal name F5BigipTrunkStats, has incorrectly defined OID Attribute entries.

DX NetOps Performance Management metric data from the Vendor Certification named "F5 Big IP Trunk Stats" that utilize the sysTrunkStatBytesOut and sysTrunkStatBytesIn OIDs are wrong.


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


The OIDs are counters but are defined to not use a delta with NeedsDelta=False. Counter values polled in time series for metric data require the use of deltas via NeedsDelta=True.


Defect DE563177 was submitted to engineering for resolution. An updated Vendor Certification is expected in the 22.2.8 release, which is subject to change.

Additional Information

Affected Metrics. Taken from a 22.2.5 test environment.