How to reinitialize the DR Vertica database
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How to reinitialize the DR Vertica database


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How to reinitialize the DR Vertica database to reinstall DA and DC?


Release : 22.2


If you want to reinitialize the DR database you need to do the following:

1) Stop the DA & DC

systemctl stop dadaemon
systemctl stop activemq

systemctl stop dcmd
systemctl stop icmpd (22.2.2 and higher)
systemctl stop activemq

2) Remove the DA as a Data Source from PC

3) Uninstall the DA & DCs

cd DC_installation_directory/Uninstall

cd <caimda> <installation_directory>/Uninstall

4) Use the vertica admintool to drop the DA's database
su - dradmin
cd /opt/vertica/bin

4. Stop Database
6. Configuration Menu
7. Drop Database

5) Use the vertical admintool to create the DA's database (just as you would if you were installing the DR for the first time)

6. Configuration Menu
1. Create Database --> Select Enterprise Mode

drdata (is the database name)

6) Install the DA
The DA installation creates the tables in Vertica db.

7) Add it as a data source to PC

8) Install and configure the DCs