Cache space limit reached (Peer Content Distribution)
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Cache space limit reached (Peer Content Distribution)


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Endpoint Security Endpoint Security Complete Endpoint Security for Servers


While viewing the Cloud Console for Symantec Endpoint Protection Complete you see a client who has the Status Reason of "Cache space limit reached (Peer Content Distribution)" and you want to know what it means and if it is an issue.


All Windows devices.


This is a NON-ERROR status update to the Symantec Cloud Console (ICDM). It is a daily report from a client to indicate it has reached a soft-cap for the number of content definition files it is hosting locally in its shared P2P filesystem hierarchy.

This causes a internal flag to be set on the client and that flag brings up this status code.  

The client on its own will purge a number of self maintained content definition files to reduce the file size on disk and or file count on disk and the flag will self resolve in 24-48 hours. No user or Admin actions are needed.


No actions required. The message is a result of a flag being set on the client and the client will self resolve the disk usage using scheduled tasks run by the Symantec Endpoint Protection client with no user actions required.