CABI Import of data fails
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CABI Import of data fails


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CA Spectrum


When trying to import a jasperserver backup (configuration export) the import is failing with the following:

"The Import failed due to an invalid encryption key. Please refer to the JasperReports Server Security Guide for more information."


Release : 22.2



In place of using the UI to Export and Import the configuration data, Tibco suggested using the and scripts in the buildomatic folder.

Performed the following Steps

- Exported the Configuration data using the script as suggested by Tibco

   cd /opt/CA/SharedComponents/CABI/buildomatic/
   ./ --everything --output-zip --keyalias deprecatedImportExportEncSecret 

  ***Note*** We had to increase the memory in buildomatic/bin/ from -Xmx512m to
                     -Xmx6144m  as the export was failing with OOM errors. Watching via top we had to increase
                     it a few times and saw it top out at 5.3g of memory

             export JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -Xms128m -Xmx6144m -noverify"


- Shutdown and removed CABI to cleanly install
      cd /opt/CA/SharedComponents/CABI/

      cd /root
      rm -f .cabusinessintelligence

      cd /var
      rm -f .com.zerog.registry.xml

      cd /opt/CA
      rm -R SharedComponents

- Ran the installer for
    cd /tmp/installers/CABI_7.9.2.1/
    ./ -f -i silent

   Install completed ok

- Started CABI
      cd /opt/CA/SharedComponents/CABI/   

- Ran the spectrumconfiginstaller.jar
     cd /opt/CA/SharedComponents/CABI/java/bin/
     ./java -jar /opt/CA/installs/spectrumconfiginstaller.jar -install

- From OneClick Web
      Administration ~~> Report Manager ~~> Jasper Integration
      Clicked Save (information already populated)

- Proceeded with the Jasper Import

    cd /opt/CA/SharedComponents/CABI/buildomatic
    ./ --input-zip --keyalias deprecatedImportExportEncSecret

    **Note** Increased the memory in due to the size of the import file.


Additional Information

At the time of export, please run the below command in the buildomatic of JRS 7.1.1:

js-export.bat --everything --output-zip --keyalias deprecatedImportExportEncSecret --> where is the name of the zip file that will be generated after the export operation.

At the time of import, please run the below command in the buildomatic of JRS 7.9.2:
js-import.bat --input-zip --keyalias deprecatedImportExportEncSecret    ---> This same file would be used at the time of import into JRS 7.9.2.


You may see this message at the time of import


Unable to locate tools.jar. Expected to find it in /opt/CA/SharedComponents/CA_Business_Intelligence/java/lib/tools.jar

Result: 128


This can be safely ignored and is does not mean the import has failed.