The Internet Gateway is not adding certificate information to Certificate Management
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The Internet Gateway is not adding certificate information to Certificate Management


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Client Management Suite IT Management Suite


Certificate Management is not being updated.  Certificate information should show up in Certificate Manager when the NS Report is enabled on the Internet Gateway (IG).  Disabling and then Enabling of the report causes an NSE be sent to the SMP and when processed, the Certificate Management page using the drop down for Internet Gateway should show a new GW with its certificate information.

We are seeing that when a new IG Enables the Report, an existing IG is removed, and replaced with the current IG, instead of adding the IG, as if they are the same system with a different name.

We tried deleting all Gateways from the Console and repopulating them by Enabling the report, but the same thing happened again.  This helped us find that the information was coming from the Gateway that tied them together.


ITMS 8.x


The certinfo.xml keeps track of current and prior certificates.  Our IG's had the same Certificate (3rd party) installed on them which should have only been installed on IG1.  This linked all of their information together such that when one of them would report into the SMP, it would remove the others instead of adding them as a new IG.


Resolution was to run a clean uninstall on each Internet Gateway, delete the Symantec folder, and set up each IG again using the correct 3rd party certificate.

Another way that worked was to remove all the servers from the IG, and then re-add them.

NOTE: IG's that use a self signed certificate will not have this issue.