Decommissioning Server Specified By DB Plugin
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Decommissioning Server Specified By DB Plugin


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CA Workload Automation DE


We have an agent that has the DB Plugin installed on it. The current agentparm.txt shows that it has password, url and user information for an MSSQL server that is rarely used and will soon be decommissioned soon. However, the agent/db_plugin is used by other jobs that are configured with specific DB User and DB URL values. Can we decommission the MSSQL server without impacting other jobs that use this db_plugin? 


Release : 12.0


Yes. The state of the server/database used by the default db.user/url/password does not impact jobs used by the db_plugin that explicitly set DB User and URL. If you have jobs that use the server being decommissioned then they'll obviously fail. 

You can also reconfigure the agent/db_plugin to use a different target for its default user/url/password. The user and url are pretty straight forward replacements. To update the password, first use the password.bat/sh utility (located in the installation folder of the agent). It will prompt for encryption type and the password. Then it will output an encrypted version of the password which you can copy/paste in the db.default.password field.