Users are intermittently and randomly redirected to your SSO Login page
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Users are intermittently and randomly redirected to your SSO Login page


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Your users are reporting that they are randomly sent to the Single Sign On Login page (your SAML Identity Provide).


Clarity SaaS 16.1.0, 16.1.1


A Web Browser Developer Tools "Network" trace will show something like this when the issue happens.

The error:  net::error_aborted from Chrome indicates a generic connection failure.

When Clarity detects this error, it will send the user to the SSO Login or Error URL to recover.




Further investigation is required to determine the root cause.  Start by narrowing down when and where the issue happens

1- Does the issue happen only from your corporate intranet or only from VPN.  Does it also happen when not on the company network?

2- Is there a corporate proxy server?  Try configuring your web browser to not use the corporate proxy server.  Monitor the health of the proxy server.

3- Check the strength of the Wi-Fi signal on employee devices

4- Disable all web browser plugins if possible.

5- Try a generic install of the web browser or a different web browser such as Microsoft Edge or Firefox.

6- Is there security software on the user laptops that is doing real time scanning of the traffic?  Determine with your security team if this can be temporarily disabled.

For example: Norton

7- Try to capture a HAR file when the issue is reproduced.


Additional Information


Steps to get a HAR file trace from your web browser

How to disable Chrome plugins

  • To delete or disable, go to menu (3 vertical dots) > More tools > Extensions > slide toggle next to extension or select Remove.
  • To disable, go to the Chrome menu > Settings > Privacy and security > Site Settings > select toggle next to plug-in.
  • A quick way to get to Chrome settings is to enter the following in the address bar: chrome://settings.

How to disable Firefox extensions

How to disable Microsoft Edge extensions