FDM Questions on Seed List and Custom Masking
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FDM Questions on Seed List and Custom Masking


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


1. Seed list – We tried to tag some of the fields manually, and in the masking configure page, it automatically selects (Brazil) based masking function, and we do not see any option to modify that.

2. On the final screen, a link is available to download the configuration file, but when we click that the download failed, we cannot check the configuration file.

3. Custom masking – Is there an option to use the custom masking functions used in traditional FDM here in the Portal? If yes, could you please share some details about that.?

4. Options and saved masked files – Is there an option to import the saved masking file or the options file, or do we need to do the configuration every time we perform masking?




Operating System:  Windows 2016 Server  
Service Pack:  GTREP SQL Server 2019  




Answers to questions:

1. You should be able to make a copy of the default (Brazil) masking rules, and configure you own masking rule. I think what you are seeing is a default configuration.

2. Not sure why you cannot download the file. It could be that the user in TDM doesn't have permissions.  Please check the permissions of the User Group that the account is assigned. You may not have permissions to download the files.


Testers do not have access by default.


3. Yes, they should be able to use Custom masking functions. Refer to this documentation link: https://techdocs.broadcom.com/us/en/ca-enterprise-software/devops/test-data-management/4-10/create-a-data-model-and-audit-pii-data/pii-audit-using-ca-tdm-portal/manage-data-classifiers.html


4. Portal doesn't give you the option to use a saved config and options file like FDM does.