JCPs won't start; smgr log shows - ended, exit code='13'.
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JCPs won't start; smgr log shows - ended, exit code='13'.


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic One Automation


JCP, REST, and JWP processess would not start on secondary server.  Service manager showed:

U00022004 Starting process 'UC4_JCP_12_3_5' ...
U00022005 ... with command line  '/u00/app/java/jdk-11.0.18+10/bin/java -Xmx2G -jar ucsrvjp.jar -I/u00/app/automic/AE_12_0_5/bin//ucsrv.ini -svc0x4b4880ort% -rest'.
U00022006 ... and start directory  '/u00/app/automic/AE_12_0_5/bin'.
U00022007 Process 'UC4_JCP_12_3_5' (ID '10412') successfully started.
U00022012 Process 'UC4_JCP_12_3_5' (ID '10412') ended.
U00022022 Process 'UC4_JCP_12_3_5'. ended, exit code='13'.


Release : 21.0.5


Look at the service manager logs for the lines that show the process starting.  Copy the start command and the start directory.  Based on this:

cd [start directory from step above]
nohup [start command from step above] &

This threw the error:
nohup: failed to run command '[path to java]/java' [automic@server bin] $ : Permission denied

we looked at java's /bin directory and everything was rw-r---r-  there was no execute privileges, so we updated java to allow execute and the J*Ps could start