Inactive investment shows as blank parent on MUX Grids
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Inactive investment shows as blank parent on MUX Grids


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Clarity PPM SaaS


SUMMARY: When a parent investment becomes inactive  the Parent column shows as blank on Investment Grid Page


1.  Use either Investment Grid or Project Grid

2.  Add Parent and Parent Type to the grid columns

3.  For one investment add a Parent
    - Go to the parent and view the association on the hierachy module in the investment (add that module if not already on the blueprint)
4. Inactivate the parent

5. Go back to the Investment/Project Grid and refresh if necessary
   - Also check the hierarchy on the inactive parent

Expected Result: Inactive parent still shows on the grids

Actual Result: Parent field is blank for the inactive parent (parent type remains)



Release : 16.1.1


This is because the current design uses a parent investment lookup which does not include inactive investments.


Refer to 

Inactiive Investment not available in OOTB lookup PARENT_INVESTMENT




Request is being made on DE69184 to change the behavior so the inactive investments will show as the parent on the grids in MUX.