No FHR03ALU and FHR06MKD members on DCI 2.0 SAMPJCL
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No FHR03ALU and FHR06MKD members on DCI 2.0 SAMPJCL


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Dynamic Capacity Intelligence


On the Prepare the SMP/E Environment for a Pax Installation section of the Dynamic Capacity Intelligence (DCI) 2.0 documentation, it can be read the following:

DCI 2.0 INSTJCL doesn't contain these members (FHR03ALU and FHR06MKD): does it mean that DCI 2.0 does not use a ZFS file?


Release : 2.0


DCI does NOT need any zFS cluster during the SMP/E installation phase, so the FHR03ALU and FHR06MKD members are not available on the SAMPJCL library.

However, DCI needs a zFS file to contain his configuration files, policies, report data and so on, but it's allocated/mounted later, during the DCI configuration, see:
Allocate a z/OS File System ($03ZFS job)
Create a Mount for the z/OS File System ($04MOUNT job)  

Please note that the DCI documentation uses the new CFHRSAMP member names, so you have to apply PTF LU07881 before configuring the product. Better, apply ALL the available PTFs above the base product level.