CWXN elimination with HostBridge.js release 8.0.
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CWXN elimination with HostBridge.js release 8.0.


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How to eliminate usage of CWXN for HostBridge 8.0 requests in CICS? 

The instructions from HostBridge 8.0 documentation indicate the following: You must not be issuing HBX script requests (as opposed to HB.js).  

What if some requests are using HBX scripts and others are not? 

The implementation in a Test region and the request was failing.  The problem indicated that the request was an HBX script.  Is there a way to implement this so HBX scripts utilizes CWXN still and previous TCPIP Service definitions, but other requests eliminate usage of CWXN? 



Release : 8.0


The HBX script requires CWXN.  The HBX and CWXN elimination cannot exist on the same port, but there is nothing that prevents from running multiple ports.  
The CWXN port will be able to run any request HBX or HB.js, the other port that is using CWXN elimination will only run HB.js.  
The solution should be setup a new port with CWXN elimination and keep old port for HBX requests.

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