Error when changing userid in Service Desk Manager
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Error when changing userid in Service Desk Manager


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Error 1 attempting to set userid to "Abc": AHD05910:User ID entered needs to be unique.Multiple Active Contact records with the specified User ID credentials were found.

This issue occurs because there is a code (force_unique_userid.spl) to validate that the userid's are different. I can see the following in the log when testing with user spadmin to Spadmin:

spelsrvr                7592 TRACE        force_unique_userid.    63 old_val='spadmin' new_val='Spadmin' userid_escaped='Spadmin'
spelsrvr                7592 TRACE        force_unique_userid.    78 found 1 UserID's that matches 'Spadmin'
spelsrvr                7592 TRACE        force_unique_userid.    82 'Spadmin' UserID already exists



Release : 17.3


To avoid this issue there are 2 options:

1. workaround: change the userid to something different (ie: abc1) > Save changes > change to Abc

2. Install the option named "ignore_security_case" under Options Manager > Security > Restart SDM services. Reference: