Clarity Rally connector creates items in wrong Rally project
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Clarity Rally connector creates items in wrong Rally project


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Clarity PPM SaaS


The Integration is syncing Rally Project data in both directions from Rally to Clarity, however the Clarity Program shows the wrong Project on Rally side. Integration is placing Programs in the Rally Project even though you select a different project in the Rally Project field in Clarity on the Program CIT.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a Program in Clarity
  2. Set the Integration Mapping (which populates the Rally Project field)
  3. Select the Rally Project in Clarity
  4. Run Synchronize Mapped Information
  5. Program is synced to Rally (sync always places the Program into the Project that comes first listed in the Rally Projects list)
  6. Log in to Rally
  7. Go to the Program created in Rally
  8. Select the correct Project in the Project field in Rally
  9. Run another Sync job to update the Project field in Clarity


There is requirement to run the Sync job twice due to limitation in how the sync job is structured.


For the Rally Project attribute to sync using Clarity to Rally direction and only the update option is supported, the Rally Portfolio Item/Program and Clarity Custom Investment must be in place first (first sync), then run the sync again and the Rally Project can be synced to Clarity (updated in Clarity).