SQL Performance Analyzer error Unable to acquire JDBC Connection
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SQL Performance Analyzer error Unable to acquire JDBC Connection


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SQL Performance Analyzer getting errors:

Error Fetching Query Cache List [default]: Unable to acquire JDBC Connection; nested exception is org.hibernate.exception.JDBCConnection
Exception: Unable to acquire JDBC Connection

ERROR 83886234 --- Ýnio-3100-exec-8¨ g.s.DefaultGraphQLErrorHandler           :
Error executing query (DatacomSqlGraphQLErrorAdapter): Unable to acquire JDBC Connection
nested exception is org.hibernate.exception.JDBCConnectionException: Unable to acquire JDBC Connection   

In Datacom Server:

TSS7100E 070 J=DATJDSRV A=userid T=N/A F=DATJDSRV - UNDEFINED ACID                      


Release : 15.1


If Datacom Server is configured with LOGON=YES, then a user and password is also required for the JDBC connection.
SQLPA does not use the same userid and password for the JDBC connection as the one used to signon to SQLPA. 
This is specified in the datasource configuration in the /config/datasources.yml file.
See documentation section Configure the SQL Performance Analyzer which has an example how to code the userid and password:

  - name: default
    url: "jdbc:datacom://hostname:10099/ServerName=DBSRV15,SystemID=CCIHOST,ApplicationID=DBSRV15,ConnectType=TCP"
    mufname: MUF123
    user: dbuser
    password: ***** 

The userid and password can also be specified in the JDBC URL.

It's better to not  use your own userid/password but a userid that is created for this purpose which is allowed to use Datacom and then with a password that never expires.

You can also secure the SQL Performance Analyzer - see Secure the SQL Performance Analyzer


Check the following:

  1. The correct userid and password are specified in  /config/datasources.yml file.

  2. The userid has the correct security access for Datacom Server.