Changes in service and support for Symantec Endpoint Protection versions 14.0-14.2
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Changes in service and support for Symantec Endpoint Protection versions 14.0-14.2


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Endpoint Protection


If you are running Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) versions 14.0 through 14.2 in your organization, you should prepare to move to our latest version (currently SEP 14.3) before December 31, 2024.

After December 31, 2024, SEP versions earlier than 14.3 no longer will receive support and content updates.


What do I need to do?

  • Review your SEP environment to see what versions of Symantec Endpoint Protection Managers (SEPMs) and SEP clients are in use.
  • To upgrade to the latest version of SEP 14.3, see this document. For questions on how to implement your upgrade, Symantec Account Teams and partners are available to discuss your concerns or migration strategies.
  • If you run the SEP client computers on Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows Server 2008, be aware of additional restrictions. See this document.


Q: Why does Symantec consider an End of Service (EOS) for earlier versions of SEP?

A: Symantec is encouraging customers to upgrade from earlier SEP versions because we are continually innovating our product. The newer versions include bug fixes and robust technologies needed to combat modern ransomware and living-off-the-land attacks. As a leader in Endpoint Security solutions, Symantec wants customers to take advantage of the most current technology that can protect them best against the adversary. Symantec is looking to redeploy resources used to support these earlier versions and to focus on initiatives that accelerate innovation in our products. 

Q: What will happen to the earlier versions of SEP after the specified dates?

A: When a given component is in use past its EOS date, it no longer will receive content updates. Additionally, Symantec will no longer develop patches or enhancements for that version, and will no longer test upgrades from that version in future released versions. Support will be given as “best effort” only, with an emphasis on updating current versions.

Q: What will happen to any product customizations (policy rules, etc.) that customers made to the earlier SEP versions? 

A: Customers should follow the documentation regarding in-place upgrades for their management platform and clients to retain settings and configuration.