SSLv Edit Previously Entered Commands
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SSLv Edit Previously Entered Commands


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SSL Visibility Appliance Software


If you make a typing mistake in your command, you don't need to retype it— you can redisplay the command and edit it. This capability is available when logged in to the appliance via SSH, but not via a direct console serial connection.


Display a previously entered command - Press up arrow until the command you want is displayed
Scroll down through the command history - Press down arrow
Move cursor to the left - Press left arrow
Move cursor to the beginning of the line - Press Ctrl+A
Move cursor to the right - Press right arrow
Insert characters - Position cursor and start typing
Delete character to the left of cursor - Press Backspace
Delete all characters on the line - Press Ctrl+U
Cancel current command - Press Ctrl+C

Additional Information

Note: If the arrow keys aren't working, make sure your remote login utility is emulating VT100 arrows. You may need to enable this option in your client.