Meaning of *** LLA DIFF *** when using the "WHERE" Subcommand
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Meaning of *** LLA DIFF *** when using the "WHERE" Subcommand


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


This document explains the meaning of  *** LLA DIFF *** that may appear in the Dataset-Name field when using the WHERE subcommand in the LINKLIST command 


Release : 16.0


The LINKLIST command displays the data sets in the system linklist concatenation.

There are several subcommands that can be used when the information of the LINKLIST command is displayed. One of the subcommands is WHERE which searches all libraries for a specific or generic module name.                                      

When issuing the WHERE command the text *** LLA DIFF *** may appear in the Dataset-Name field.

For example, Issuing the subcommand WHERE MODS0001 the following information may appear:


 SYSVIEW 16.0 TE01 ------------------------------------- LINKLIST Libraries -------------------------------------- 23/03/20 09
 Command ====>                                                                                                     Scroll *===
 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lvl 3 Row 68-84/103 Col 1-1
 Options ALL DUPLICAT UNIQUE                                                                                                  
Jobname TS29200   ASID 019C  Jobid T0155500                                                                                
Setname LNKLST01            Status CURRENT CHK       Allocations ACTIVE                                                    
 LLAStat SEARCH AVAILABLE   Extents 107 110                                                                                   
Libraries 90   Alloc 90   Open 90   Search 90  Found   1   Member MODS0001                                              
.Cmd Dataset-Name                                 Xtn Volser APF Org LinkDate Size     AC RM  AM  Attributes                  
   SYS1.LIBS.TSTLIB                             1 VOL001     PO  01/03/20 00031F20  0 24  24  FO                      OV
   *** LLA DIFF ***                                                01/03/20 00031F20  0 24  24  FO                      OV


Why does *** LLA DIFF *** appear on the display?


The HELP command in the LINKLIST display documents *** LLA DIFF ***  as follows:

*** LLA DIFF ***  The WHERE Subcommand and LLA found    
                  different versions of the same module 
                  in the same library. This line shows  
                  the LLA version. The previous line is 
                  the WHERE version. This situation can 
                  occur when a module is copied to a    
                  LINKLIST library but LLA has not yet  
                  been refreshed.                       


This issue is related to Broadcom PDSMAN.


The library has LRDR (Last Reference Date Recording) turned ON and the library is also in LLA and the LINKLIST.             
The LRDR is being updated in the LIBRARY but not the LLA version as "$LLA LRDRUPDT=Y" is not specified in the PDSMAN rules.    
So, there is a DIFFerence between the LINKLIST version and the LLA  version, the Last Reference Date.  


The solution to not seeing the *** LLA DIFF *** is to use "$LLA LRDRUPDT=Y" in the PDSMAN rules.