View / Deliver started task relationship
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View / Deliver started task relationship


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We are running a single instance of CA-Deliver with direct connection to several instances of CA-View: 


Trying to get a better understanding of the relationship between the started tasks, and what happens if one is not up. 

Is there a preferred order in starting the CA-Deliver and CA-View started tasks?


Release : 14.0


The "direct connection" being referred to is Deliver's ability to do a direct-write of a report to the corresponding View database. 

That is to say, that the View database is opened, and Deliver writes the report to the database, not in any way involving the JES spool. 

If the Deliver task is not active, then it cannot process reports nor do any direct writing, and reports would resultingly be on the JES spool. 

The View SARSTC task collects reports from the JES spool and runs View backups. 

The View SARSTC task does not need to be active, for Deliver to be able to write reports directly. 

With that, there is no preferred order in the starting of the Deliver and View started tasks.