LU06639 Hold Data Alert
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LU06639 Hold Data Alert


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Top Secret Compliance Event Manager Compliance Event Manager


Pulbish fix LU06639 Hold Data Alert states ...

If you use the Data Classification feature of Top Secret and are dependent on this data for CEM event capture and reporting, notify Top Secret support. 

What is the implications of this notification and maintenance?


Release : 16.0


The Top Secret Published PTF LU06639 affects Data Classification, which involves the use of the Top Secret special ACID DATACLAS.

The special DATACLAS ACID is used just for reporting purposes and using it for CEM events, but it caused serialization  problems.   

It was determined that no customer that we were aware of ever used the data classification reporting feature and that overcoming the serialization problem was risky and therefore, it was deprecated for use on CEM events.