Resolving Ideal authorization Error IDAETERR64E
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Resolving Ideal authorization Error IDAETERR64E


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While trying to use the "DEBUG" function on a Prod status IDEAL Program, the user is getting error:

IDAETERR64 - User not authorized for program

How can this be resolved?





The user running the DEBUG command does not have the necessary privilege to debug PROD status programs.


Running the Debugger in general requires that the user must have UPDATE access to the Ideal system containing the programs being tested. Further, to run Debug against Prod status programs, the user must also have Ideal Administrator privileges (this assumes that the default authorizations have not been changed).

To determine the level of access for the user and the level of access needed, do the following:

  1. For Debug processing levels, an Ideal Administrator will need to issue the command D ATZ (Display Authorizations). Then, find the entries for DEBUG-PROD, DEBUG-TEST, and the relevant RUN* authorizations. For example, to run a Prod status program, the authorization for RUN-PROD, RUN-PROD-USING-PANEL, or RUN-PROD-USING-PROGRAM will be used. By default, DEBUG-TEST requires UPDATE access to the Ideal system containing the programs being tested. DEBUG-PROD is used to test PROD status programs and therefore requires Ideal Administrator access.
  2. Once the levels that are needed have been identified, the Ideal Administrator will display the user's profile, and determine if they have the proper access to the Ideal System (to be able to run the program and to execute the Debug commands (for non-Prod versions). If trying to Debug a Prod status program, they will need to determine if the user has Ideal Administrator privileges (based on the default settings).

Since granting Ideal Administrator access just to Debug Prod status programs has significant security ramifications, it is recommended that the Prod status program be copied (DUP PGM) to a new, Test status version, and then the user can run Debug against that version to recreate the problem. Once the Debug activity is done, either delete the test version, or make corrections to it and promote it as usual.

Additional Information

For more information on using the Ideal Debug processing and the security levels needed, please review the documentation for the Symbolic Debugger

For more information about Ideal authorizations, please see the Ideal Administration documentation for the Authorization Table and Maintaining Authorizations