Use C:D Manager to correlate SNODE and PNODE to IP addresses in Netmaster
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Use C:D Manager to correlate SNODE and PNODE to IP addresses in Netmaster


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NetMaster File Transfer Management


This site runs most of their file transfer processing through C:D. While the File Transfer Management product is activated, it is not currently being utilized. 
One issue with C:D is that there is currently a need to manually correlate the IP addresses of tranfers to the C:D SNODE or PNODE.
Does Netmaster offer a way of providing that information automatically?


Release : 12.2


Netmaster File Transfer cannot correlate the IP addresses of transfers to the C:D SNODE and PNODE.

Here's an example of what Netmaster would show:
17.41.13 RFCDEVI8 ID=I01 - NDMFDR: Copy Start Received - PNODE:FDRNDM01 PName:LOOKAT#1 PNum:21708 Step:COPYSTEP SNODE:TPLNDM01 EXIT Ver:  
17.41.13 RFCDEVI8 ID=I02 - NDMFDR: CI  Received - FK:FDRNDM01 21708 LOOKAT#1TPLNDM01 COPYSTEP                                            
17.41.13 RFCDEVI8 ID=S01 - CI  Raising Start Event - FK:FDRNDM01 21708 LOOKAT#1TPLNDM01 COPYSTEP AFTCor:CD20210617224113.733258          
17.41.13 RFCDEVI8 ID=I04 - NDMFDR: CT received - FK:TPLNDM01 21708 LOOKAT#1FDRNDM01 COPYSTEP                                              
17.41.13 RFCDEVI8 ID=X05 - UNMATCHED CT RECEIVED - FK:TPLNDM01 21708 LOOKAT#1FDRNDM01 COPYSTEP                                            
17.41.13 RFCDEVI8 ID=I05 - CT Status set:END - FK:TPLNDM01 21708 LOOKAT#1FDRNDM01 COPYSTEP 

It shows the SNODE and PNODE, but there is no IP address anywhere.

Everything Netmaster File Transfer understands about C:D transfers comes from the C:D  STATISTICs exit, which works in terms of SNODE and PNODE.   SNODE and PNODE are node names,  not IP ADDRESSES.  Once the C:D record arrives via the exit, Netmaster has no way of further manipulating the data to correlate the nodes to IP addresses. 

Additional Information

Information about setting up and using the Connect:Direct portion of Netmaster File Transfer can be found here