Autosys R12 - Regarding details of actions done by PluginInstaller utility
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Autosys R12 - Regarding details of actions done by PluginInstaller utility


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CA Workload Automation AE


We're aware that PluginInstaller utility is run to install additional/optional plugins, such as application services, data services.

We wanted to know the details of all steps/actions this utility performs, when any plugin installation is requested 

For example, one of the actions is to edit "agentparm.txt" with lines such as below. 


We are using DVDLIN0000000121.iso for installation of the agent and subsequent components.

Workload Automation Agent for:
   Linux x86_64 64-bit



Release : 12.1


PluginInstaller does following:

1. It adds entries to the agentparm.txt file.

2. It creates property file based on the input taken from the user.
    For example: PeopleSoft database information, SAP Server details etc.

3. It does not validate jars or it does not copy any jar files as all jars required for all plugins is expected to be done as part of the System Agent install/Upgrade process.

But mostly it is correct to say the following steps will be enough:

1. Entries in "agentparm.txt" for the new plugin.

2. Ensure all the JARs related to the new plugin are available.

3. Restart the agent, such that it takes notice of the above steps.

4. Verify whether the new plugin is enabled by creating a job with relevant job type (e.g. for Application Services plugin, we can create an HTTP job).