Got ESP3016E even when the CONSOLE name is valid on ESP Workload Automation System
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Got ESP3016E even when the CONSOLE name is valid on ESP Workload Automation System


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ESP Workload Automation


I have started new ESP proxy task in one our systems, which logged below error in it -

ESP3016E Default CONSOLE NAME 6001 is invalid - it must begin with A-Z, #, $ or @

Yes, our system console name is 6001 which begin with the number.
CONSOLE parameter is commented in the initparm member we are using, so it is allowed to default after omitting SYSID and SMF system identifier.

Is this error causing not to direct all general message traffic to the 6001 console just because the name starting with number ? or its not the case ?

If it is, then what value will you suggest for CONSOLE initparm - 0, *, or a specific console name.


Release : 12.0


By default we are creating an extended MCS with a name that defaults to the SYSID (or the SMF ID in case no SYSID initparm is present). The exact same process happens for all other ESP instances you have, however the SYSIDs that you use for them are valid console names since the rest of your SMF IDs are all starting with an alpha character. That's why you never saw this message on any other system before.

This behavior is described in the MCS initialization parameter:

"By default, ESP is activated as an extended MCS console, so you don't need to code the MCS initialization parameter if you want to use the default."

"The console name, up to eight characters. If omitted, the console name defaults to the value specified in the SYSID initialization parameter. If the SYSID initialization parameter is omitted, the current SMF system identifier is used."

Here are the ways to avoid this error message:
1. Add an MCS DEACTIVATE statement to your initparms for this proxy member. There would be no adverse effects since the end result will be the same as when you encounter the ESP3016E message - the extended MCS feature will simply be deactivated.

2. Change the SYSID of this proxy instance. We recommend not to use the SMF ID as the SYSID, however changing it would require a cold start and might not be in line with your current setup, so I cannot claim that this would be the best solution for you.

Changing the system ID requires an ESP cold start to reset the ownership, which might happen if the SMF ID is used as a default and it changes. For this reason, we recommend that the SMF ID is not used, but that each ESP be given a unique system ID."