Autosys Database failover testing,
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Autosys Database failover testing,


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Autosys Workload Automation


Does AutoSys r12.x support  MS SQLServer listener multi-subnet database configuration?


Autosys R12.x


Below is a recap of what we talked about>
1) Autosys supports 2 HA modes for the database DUAL event server mode or Cluster mode on the database
2) Best practice for Autosys is to use the Cluster mode on the database as DUEL event server mode requires a manual process to fail back to the primary database
3) Currently Autosys is NOT cluster aware so can not be set up with a mssql listener multi-subnet database configuration
4) Autosys either uses a JDBC connection or native MS Client tools to connect to the database depending on the OS.
5) A VIP for the Cluster must be used as the application sees the cluster as a standalone instance of the database.
6) All failover operations happen at the cluster level and the application is unaware of the process.

Below is the documentation for changing the database connection information.
Please see the links below:
1) for WCC to change the database configuration please use the wcc_config tool>
2) To change the database configuration for the Scheduler and app server please see the following: