Error while deploying or deleting Batch Queue Job(s) in queue error: 1303
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Error while deploying or deleting Batch Queue Job(s) in queue error: 1303


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


While deploying a Batch Queue to a node where some Uprocs are running on the Target Queue, the operation fails with the following kind of error:

|2023-03-27 10:52:40,974|ERROR||BackgroundWorker-33|com.orsyp.kmeleon.universe.deployment.UnifiedDeploymentBusiness$DeploymentAction|Problem occured during deployment of DQM_QUEUE SYS_BATCH on NODENAME/X/MANAGEMENT_UNIT_NAME 
com.orsyp.UniverseException: Job(s) in queue error: 1303

The same occurs if we try to delete a Batch Queue while there is a Uproc running on that Batch Queue, the error is the same:

| 2023-03-27 16:53:50 |ERROR|X|DQM|pid=7792.3160| owls_dqm_queue_delete     | u_dqm_dlt_queue returns 1303
| 2023-03-27 16:53:50 |ERROR|X|DQM|pid=7792.3160| process_fnc_id            | process_delete in error: 1303
| 2023-03-27 16:53:50 |ERROR|X|DQM|pid=7792.3160| u_dqm_process_client_requ | Error handling queue request: owls_dqm_handle_queue returns 104


Release : 6.x and 7.x

Component: Dollar Universe Application Server (DUAS Node)


Expected behavior, a queue cannot be deleted while Jobs are running on it.


DQM Batch queues cannot be deleted/deployed while some Jobs are running on them, the errors displayed during the deletion is a normal and expected behavior to prevent the Uprocs running on that queue from being impacted.