Update NCM device password field dynamically
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Update NCM device password field dynamically


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CA Spectrum


User implementing a new security tool called CyberArk Credential Provider. This tool will update/change the passwords of all the network devices periodically (for example, weekly). 

This password can be obtained from CyberArk via a web service call.

How can we have spectrum update its NCM password for the device family automatically without human intervention? Is there a web service or rest call or some other way we can update this password?


Release : 21.2.8


Please install  the patch.




Additional Information

NCM_UserName and NCM_Passowrd fields are Octet stings and we have to provide the values in Octet format. For example, to update NCM_UserName (0x12be8) attribute on any device thru CLI, give following command


update.exe mh=<device MH> attr=0x12be8,val=


Above action command will set NCM_UserName to Afg# .In the above example, are Hexadecimal equivalent ASCII value of Afg#.  Customer can use any general ASCII table to find out these values.


Customer can also use REST PUT command to set these values. REST PUT command is http://<hostname><:portnumber>/spectrum/restful/model/<model_handle>?0x12be8&val=


Similar procedure has to be followed for NCM_Password (0x12be9) as well. After entering username and password as per above said manner, customer has to use the action code, which we supplied thru patch.  Now customer can perform NCM operations as per his need.