In An SSO Environment Receiving Login Screen When Clarity Timeouts
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In An SSO Environment Receiving Login Screen When Clarity Timeouts


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In an SSO environment sometimes the Login page will appear after timeout causing confusion by the user who tries to enter username & password which may lead to getting their account locked. 


1. User logs in to Clarity
2. User keeps the screen open without activity until idle timeout is reached (60 minutes)
3. After timeout if user interacts in browser a native popup screen is displayed occasionally.
4. If user refreshes, the error URL is triggered and user logs in back (If IDP session is still active). This is because recent change in Clarity product will redirect user to error URL instead of logout URL when there is timeout if timeout URL is not set as in this case.
5. Sometimes users tried to enter credentials on the login popup leading to user account locking up as the Clarity local passwords won’t work due to SSO.

Expected Results: The user should be redirected to a Logout page. 

Actual Results: Instead of getting the Logout page, the user gets a regular Clarity Login page asking for a username and password. 




This race condition was corrected by DE66829 in the 16.1.1 release.


  • Once user leaves for the day or finished working either logout or go to home screen.
  • When the non-SSO Clarity login page appears, close the browser tab and launch the application again.
  • Setup a timeoutURL. 


Additional Information


The issue is sporadic and cannot be reproduced consistently.