Project ID can be changed when in Hierarchies > Investment grid page
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Project ID can be changed when in Hierarchies > Investment grid page


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Clarity PPM SaaS


SUMMARY: If the project is autonumbered and not financially enabled the project ID can be changed on a hierarchy

1.  Autonumber the ID on projects
2.  Create a project and make sure project does not have actuals
3.  Create a Hierarchy
4.  Import project into your Hierarchy
5.  Go to Investments > Grid view
6.  Bring in Project / Investment ID into your view as a column
7.  Double click on id to edit id
8.  Change project id to an id not in use
9.  Click off somewhere on screen 

Expected Result: Error message that Investment ID cannot be changed in Hierarchies or in the Project List

Actual Result: Investment ID is changed in Hierarchies but not in project list


Release : 16.0.3, 16.1 and 16.1.1


The resolution for this problem is included in and 16.1.2

This was originally tracked as DE69088.


NOTE: The fix for this issue will provide a 'reactive' experience for the user.  Because there are different investment types that could or could not have the field auto-numbered, we cannot lock the entire column for editing.  If the user tries to edit the ID for an Investment object that has this field auto-numbered, a reactive Toast message will appear to indicate it cannot be updated.