Adding Userid Alias and Description to Dataquery user records
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Adding Userid Alias and Description to Dataquery user records


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I am trying to add a batch Dataquery user to run our production queries, and I want to model it after an existing user. The existing user has a Description, UserID, and Name entry in the Datadictionary display, but I can't figure out how to add those fields or attributes to my new user.

Do I add the user through Datadictionary or through Dataquery? Do I need to do this in batch mode or online? What steps do I follow?

Here is what I see now in Datadictionary (only selected fields):

        ATTRIBUTE        VALUE
====== ========================== T O P ========
000001  STATUS           P
000002  ENTITY-NAME      IOH
. . .
. . .
000021  USERID           IOH
. . .
000024  NAME             BATCH DQRY USR


Component: Datacom/DB


Note that there is no functional benefit to adding the description, UserID, and name to this DQ batch user definition. However, if you still want to add them, you can do it through DDOL or through batch DDUPDATE.

First, to create the batch Dataquery user, we would recommend that you would create the user within Dataquery online or batch processes as usual. This will allow you to set all the security and user attributes for Dataquery processing as you need them.

Then, you can use one of these processes, depending on your mode: 

With DDOL:

  1. Get into Entity Maintenance Mode (Command SET MODE ENTM)
  2. Update the attributes for this PER entity (Command U ATT /PER,xxxxxx(PROD)/) or the easier way (Command U ATT) then enter PER as the entity type, and xxxxxx as the entity name.
  3. Update the Description (Batch DQ User), USERID (ooo), and Name (Batch DQ User) fields and then press PF 9 (Apply).


  1. Signon to batch DDUPDATE as usual (-USR transaction)
  2. Report other transactions as desired
  3. Add these transactions for your changes
    -UPD PERSON,xxxxxx       (PROD)  
    1002 'Batch DQ User'    
    1014             ooo        <== Note: this opid starts in col 19  
    7156 Batch DQ User      
    -RPT DETAIL,PERSON,xxxxxx   (PROD)

Additional Information

As always, please contact Broadcom support for Datacom if you have further questions.