View Sharing Visibility in Clarity MUX
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View Sharing Visibility in Clarity MUX


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Clarity PPM On Premise


A user is creating, and sharing a View (i.e. Project Grid view) with a specific Security Group. How would the view visibility work ?


Release : 16.1.1+


  • Any user with View - Administer permission will see the view
  • Any user, belonging to the specified Security Group, will also see the view
  • If a user was a part of the specified Security Group and had the view selected in use before he was taken off the group, the view will remain selected in use.
    • The view will no longer be available in the view drop down, so once they switch the view they will no longer be able to access it
  • Note that if the user has taken a copy of the view, with the same name or a different name, he will be the owner of the view & have full control over the new view