Data Masking of XML data type-Performance Issue
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Data Masking of XML data type-Performance Issue


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We are doing data masking for one of our application which stores data as XML data type where database is SQL server.

We configured the masking rules for the XML tags however while running the masking job is extremely slow , like it is taking hours to mask even 100K records.

Besides for tables where there is around 8 million records, it is taking more than hour to start and again runs extremely slow.

While we understand that due to masking of XML tags inside the table column it is slow however we would need your support to reduce this to as much possible extent. We can add resources/ space etc. if required on our masking server . Please help on this.


Release : 4.10


Performance of xml masking has improved after using the latest patch. Please download the latest patch from support portal and verify the issue.