TIEC051E System Error in Gen model upload
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TIEC051E System Error in Gen model upload


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Gen - Host Encyclopedia Gen - Workstation Toolset Gen - Run Time Distributed Gen - Run Time Distributed


 When uploading an update.trn to Host Encyclopedia, get following error:  

TIEC051E System Error: Generated object ID ### has exceeded maximum allowed for a subset


Release: 8.6

Component: Gen Host Encyclopedia, GEN -Runtime Distributed, GEN workstation toolset


  Determine if the update.trn file is for a 'Gen New Model' or an update of an existing model or subset. 
-  Verify the update.trn file is valid using the diag report (tso %diag).
-  Make sure the update.trn file is transported to z/OS in binary format to the <userid>.ief.tran dataset. 
-  Make sure the <userid>.ief.tran dataset is allocated with the correct DCB parameters. 
    Organization  . . . : PS                    
    Record format . . . : VB                    
    Record length . . . : 4092                  
    Block size  . . . . : 4096     


In this case, the DCB parameters were incorrect. The 'Record format' needed to be changed from 'FB' to 'VB'  to resolve the error