REST API Fields Documentation and Record Limits
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REST API Fields Documentation and Record Limits


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Is there any documentation listing fields available for REST API Calls (e.g Project /task object etc) in addition to the API Documentation URL?

Also what are the record limits for GET/PUT/POST etc operations..

Can these be increased?



Release : 16.1.1


The Swagger URL/API Documentation URL is the only document which lists all of the fields.


For GET requests, you can use "limit"
For example:    projects?limit=50    
Limits the number of results to be returned. The default value is 25.
The maximum you can request for "limit" is 500.

PUT requests have a defined max of 50.

POST requests do not have a defined limit.

DELETE requests only one delete at a time.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to increase these values.

Additional Information

Please see Using Clarity REST APIs for more information.