Clarity is down for users after a Studio update with PostgreSQL
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Clarity is down for users after a Studio update with PostgreSQL


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Modifying a Studio attribute causes application stalls

Steps to Reproduce: 
1- Classic > Studio > Objects > Project
2- Modify a custom attribute by extending the length, for example change a string field from 250 to 1000 or add/remove auditing on an object

Expected Results: Field is modified with no user impact

Actual Results:  Field is modified but alter table statement can cause delays / database blocking

Do not make Studio updates during business hours


Release : 16.1.1 with PostgreSQL


Studio update triggers SQL DDL statement which could cause database blocking on a busy system

For example: alter table odf_ca_change alter column abc_sqt_summary_url type character varying(1000);


DE69641, Fix is targeted for 16.1.2 release.

Relational databases such as Postgres will lock tables when their definitions are modified.

This prevents users from reading or updating the table.

It is recommended to perform these changes after business hours to avoid performance issues or outages.