How to bulk change device models
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How to bulk change device models


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CA Spectrum



We have about 2000 sysedge agents that were integrated with spectrum that we have replaced with UIM agents. The uim to spectrum integration is working in dev but the device model isnt updating to reflect UIM Host or Virtual machine. It still says ca Sysedge host. The problem is when we uninstall the sysedge agent on the host it reports agent failure in spectrum. We need a bulk model change to essentially remove this alert from all non-networking devices to be able to remove the sysedge agents we dont need anymore. Please advise.


Release : 22.2


There is no way to convert the SystemEdge agents that are being pulled into the UIM integration into UIM models. The SystemEdge models would have to be deleted and a UIM model would be created on the next UIM sync to Spectrum.