EULA on the Mobile App
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EULA on the Mobile App


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Clarity PPM SaaS


We are starting our effort to activate the mobile time sheet capabilities for our users. In chatting with out ITSEC folks, they asked about whether the mobile app has a TOS (Terms of Service) or access to a Privacy Policy. Can you let us know if this is active in the app and/or in Clarity PPM at all?


Release : 16.0.3


The EULA Does not appear in the Mobile App.

The EULA shows up during install or upgrade in the Clarity product itself. Once the EULA has been accepted, the EULA popup will no longer appear in subsequent logins to the CA PPM System Administration (CSA) application. If the user would like to view the EULA at a later date after it has been accepted, it can be viewed at the page "nsa.EulaActions.showEula" by following these steps:


1. Log into your CSA <clarityserver>

2. Update the URL to show the EULA page by changing the 'action' :  action=nsa.EulaActions.showEula