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CA Wily inquiries


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


I'm looking to create a document for my team to help understand some of the functions that are tracked within Wily.

Specifically with our graphs. These are what I want to understand better:

  1. Ops - Authorize - AverageResponseTime (ms)
  • Ops - Authorize - ResponsesPerInterval


  1. Ops - IsProtected - AverageResponseTime (ms)
  • Ops - isProtected - ResponsesPerInterval


  1. Ops - Validate - AverageResponseTime (ms)
  • Ops - Validate - ResponsePerInterval


  1. Policy Store - AverageResponseTime (ms)
  • Policy Store - ResponsePerInterval


  1. Auth Cache Misses
  • Auth Cache Hits


  1. Sockets in Use


  1. Login Avg Response Time
  • Ops - Login - ResponsePerInterval


  1. ThreadsThroughput

Attached is a dashboard with graphs covering those.

If someone from your team can just explain and go over these with me in a meeting it'd be much appreciated.


Release : 10.7.0


These are APM for SSO (SiteMinder metrics)